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This Initiative was created on Nov 16, 2015 @ 03:20:06 pm

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Nov 19, 2015 @ 12:14am

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Infrastructure Single Family Rehab Construction Program


PHDA logo.jpg

Single Family Rehab Construction Program

Through this new and developing program, PHDA will work to increase affordable homeownership options by rehabilitating the existing housing stock in the Borough of Wilkinsburg. Environmental sustainability within the community will be enhanced through the adoption of energy-efficient building standards. Initial implementation of the program will focus on the Princeton Park Community, border line of Forest Hills neighborhood accessible to the parkway east and west. Wilkinsburg’s received County Funding for redevelopment efforts in that area.

PHDA 1.jpg

Pittsburgh Housing Development Association, Inc. (PHDA) was established as a community housing advocacy group in 1982.
Our founding members were residents of Pittsburgh’s East End neighborhood who were concerned with the community’s lack of decent, affordable housing. In 2005, PHDA received tax-exempt 501(c)3 status, with a mission of empowering low to moderate income residents to become homeowners. We now provide educational workshops and programs that help those we serve qualify for first-time homebuyer down payment and closing cost assistance, while sharpening financial and other skills needed to succeed as homeowners.


While our organization has evolved through the years, one fundamental belief remains the same: neighborhood revitalization efforts should focus on rehabilitating existing housing stock to provide affordable homeownership options for low and moderate income homebuyers. This approach has many benefits including: economic growth through construction-related jobs, a substantial increase in property tax revenue for municipalities, and more residents who have a real stake in strengthening their community.

PHDA 2.jpg

According to Fannie Mae, more than three-quarters of our nation’s renters (79 percent) aspire towards homeownership . However, the recent housing crisis and economic downturn has made it harder than ever for lower-income families to purchase their own homes. At PHDA, we believe that qualified low and moderate income families should become homeowners — and communities are strengthened when they do.

Currently, we focus our efforts in the Borough of Wilkinsburg, which borders the City of Pittsburgh to the east. Wilkinsburg’s population of 15,930 is 67 percent African American, with an annual median income of $29,620. Approximately 22 percent of Wilkinsburg’s population consist of households with incomes below poverty level. The Borough has the highest Section 8 per capita occupancy in Allegheny County, and only 38 percent of residents are homeowners with a homeownership rate far below the national average of approximately 65 percent . The Pittsburgh Housing Development Association, Inc in partnership with local Borough officials local organizations and community stakeholders, PHDA will strive to improve Wilkinsburg’s owner-to-renter ratio and improve quality of live through the program:

Fannie Mae (2013). National Housing Survey Q3 2012 Data Summary.
U.S. Census Bureau 2010 Census; Borough of Wilkinsburg (2009). Borough of Wilkinsburg WEED and SEED

Initiative: 2009-2014 Revitalization Plan.

For more information you may visit our site at:


Photo of one of our Home Buyers Workshop


Wells Fargo Housing Foundation Subsidies Grant awardees:



Photos of the Current Project to be Funded:






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