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This Initiative was created on Mar 11, 2015 @ 01:35:20 pm

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Ceresav Book Unveiling the Scars

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Scary but hope for even this is not unfounded. They should continue to go from healing to healing and strength to stremtgh.

Mar 12, 2015 @ 12:36pm

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Empowerment Ceresav.org

CERESAV logo.png

CERESAV is the Centre for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and Burns Violence. Its Vision is to have an acid violence-free Uganda where survivors live with dignity. Hanifa Nakiryowa, an acid survivor, founded CERESAV in 2012 and is the current Founding Director.

CERESAV Mission is to prevent acid and burns violence and empower survivors by working with an integrated approach using a replicable holistic model which engages all national and international stakeholders and is backed by research, experience and evidence.

ASA Foundation seeks funds to:

• Disseminate information on Acid attacks and gender violence in Uganda and Africa

• Develop a shelter for acid attack victims as a halfway house for rehabilitation

• Create an educational fund to provide training and rehabilitation for marketable skills

• Develop a small loan fund for acid attack and burn victims of gender violence to help develop businesses both rural and urban

• Make available basic healing and health supplies for acid attack victims while hospitalized and for after care

• Provide support for transportation to and from the hospital for those providing support and counseling to hospitalized victims

Hanifa Nakiryowa Ceresav founder and survivor:

Hanifa at Ceresav Meeting:

Hanifa speaking to CERESAV members.JPG

After suffering a brutal acid attack in 2011 at her estranged husband’s home in Makerere University-Kampala, the founder of CERESAV (Centre for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and burns Violence); Hanifa Nakiryowa, a graduate with a master’s degree in Economics and a mother of two bravely decided to become an outspoken advocate to raise public awareness and to speak out against this type of violence.

Hanifa strongly believes that her physical scarring has not at all affected her true personality. She believes she is still the same person inside with similar ability to do things and to cause change like any other normal person. She has demonstrated her commitment and dedication through providing emotional support to the victims of acid violence, increasing awareness raising, lobbying for collective efforts to fight this barbaric act through the media both nationally and internationally.

Ceresav Founding Members:

CERESAV Founding Members.JPG

CERESAV 2nd meeting December 2014.JPG



Unveiling the Scars

Ceresav Book Available Here with your Sponsorship (See From the Heart on right side of page)

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